We have been providing artists with promotional services since 1984. Here are just a few testimonials from some of them. Many more are available on Agora-Gallery.com

From that very first email I received from Agora Gallery I have been met by an incredibly professional and knowledgeable team. I couldn’t be more happy with my experience with Agora Gallery and the work they have done for me! (Also! They sold ALL of my artworks, in less than one week)
A. Bakoš

Agora Gallery has led me to great opportunities in other areas of my career and given me more confidence in exhibiting my paintings to a more significant audience.

S. Otts

I have been very happy working with you and your staff this year. I look forward to another great year and exhibition with Agora Gallery!! My best to you,

P. Fabian

Everyone at Agora was friendly and professional and made me feel at ease for my opening reception.

I especially appreciated the social media presence that the PR team had when promoting my work and the show.

It’s been a very positive experience with Agora, and all in all an excellent learning/networking opportunity for me as an artist who is fairly fresh into his artistic career. I appreciate all the help and guidance the staff at Agora gave me in the months leading up to my exhibition.

J. Falciano

My experience in general at Agora Gallery was fabulous and professional. From the moment I assigned them to represent and promote my artworks, they were very honest in giving their opinion and advice. I’m very pleased with the way they displayed my artwork and respected it. I would like to thank everybody who worked very hard to make this exhibition happen in this professional way, and I can’t forget the director of our show, madam Angela Di Bello, for her contribution, time & organization. 

Z. Shaban

This experience with Agora Gallery has given me the confidence and motivation to paint knowing that there is an audience in the world who can veiw the work. I am far more aware of the options available to me as an artist, and the venues available to artists to show and make work.

S. Munro

Professionalism, support, learning and networking, a great exhibition, an overall splendid experience as an Artist at Agora Gallery.

J. Leigue

From day one it has been a great experience, each person is humble and always tries to help as best as they could and if they can’t help they will connect you to the right person that can, I appreciate Agora giving me the opportunity to work with such great people thanks.

C. Rodrigues

One word – Excellence

R. Fuchs

Agora’s Gallery staff has made easy what is harder to me:  aspects of logistics and advice. They are helpful and friendly. I was waiting for years to live this experience and Agora Gallery gave me the oportunity. The opening reception was an unforgettable evening! Magical… and as everything, perfect in every detail. I could not imagine a better experience.

N. Ros



530 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001

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