Established by Agora Gallery, Social Media for Artists leverages our extensive experience and network in order to provide artists, like yourself, a one-stop station for all the social marketing needs.
Agora Gallery was established in 1984 by a fine artist with the aim of providing promotional services to other artists who prefer to focus on the creative process while having professionals deal with all the other aspects. Over the years, we have learned how to gain wide exposure for our artists so now we provide a new perspective that supports your marketing needs.

We are a team of social media experts with a deep passion for the arts.

Our aim is to provide online promotional services to fine artists, in an effective and professional approach. Our philosophy is built on the extraordinary potential artists have and our role is to create and implement powerful online promotional marketing strategies.

Andra Bilici


Andra is a communications consultant with an extensive experience in Social media and Corporate Communication. She has studied philology, PR & Communication while pursuing her passion and interest for art. Andra enjoys working on various marketing initiatives, promoting artists during their representation and integrating contemporary art into the fast-paced social media world.

Anna Karampela


Anna has a BA in Linguistics and received her M.Phil. in Computational Linguistics from Trinity College Dublin. Growing up around artists, she developed her love for art, an element that was further evolved during her travels and has been constant throughout her career. Anna is passionate about creating high-level texts for artists, promoting their work through social media platforms.

Harriet Suñga


Harriet loves learning and discovering new things. A customer-oriented person with 6 years of experience in fast-paced customer service and call center environment. She finds joy interacting, helping and providing serivce to others.


530 West 25th Street
New York, NY 10001

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